Take Action to Cancel Rent!!

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What does Cancel Rent mean to you? Are you struggling to pay rent? Have you lost your job due to the pandemic? Are you a concerned neighbor worried about the future of DC and the ongoing displacement of Black & Brown residents?

Share your story with us and we will help amplify it on our social media! Tag us on Twitter [@cancelrentdc] or use our “Selfie Submit Form” to submit a quote and a selfie. 



Email Your Councilmembers!

DC Councilmembers have the power to take bold action and pass legislation that would cancel rent for all DC residents impacted by the COVID pandemic. Make your voice heard by directly emailing them!

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Another great way to add pressure to the DC Council and Mayor Bowser is through #hashtags and tweets! Keep #CancelRentDC in their thoughts each week by participating in our #CancelRentTuesdays twitter storm actions! Check out the toolkit or follow us on twitter to get some ideas for your original tweets. Don’t forget to tag the DC Council housing committee members!




Picture of Juana Vicenta from Ward 2. White text in a red box features a quote by Juana explaining how cancelling rent would alleviate her husband’s worries of working enough to pay rent. Picture of Trayei Campbell from Ward 6. White text in a red box features a quote by Trayei explaining that rent should be cancelled for all people affected by the pandemic to address issues related to displacement and mental health. Picture of Sandie Kirkland from Ward 8. White text in a black box features a quote by Sandie explaining that “there are so many families having to make choices on whether to pay rent or buy groceries.”